Good morning!

I’m very happy this morning as I’m wearing a thermal vest and thermal socks thanks to an angel God sent my direction a few days ago with a little money.

It’s so heartwarming when people reach out like that and in this case body-warming too!!

And speaking of warming up, can we imagine the child Jesus lying in that cold manger on the first Christmas and his need for not only physical warmth, but the human love and touch of his mother and father.

On this theme Jesus spoke with me last night as I sat with him in adoration.



My children, in this time of advent, of coming, I thirst to share my love and peace with the world as I did on that first advent.

Do not forget my children that I am really present in the Eucharist. It really is my body and when you sit with me in adoration I really am there.

You may not see me in the same way or hear my cries but if you talk and pray to me from your hearts,over time you will learn to hear the cries of my heart too.

Ponder my first coming and consider me as that little baby. Consider the love I poured out on my mother and consider my vulnerability and need to be loved and protected at the same time.

Such is the mystery of the Eucharist. God made weak, God made human, God made vulnerable.

The more you spend time with my humanity, the more I will infuse supernatural graces into your souls because my love is no ordinary human love but rather a supernatural life changing love.

I desire to raise your hearts to me, to strengthen your hearts beyond the passions of the flesh and for you to know me and love and love the things of heaven.

Come my children, set your gaze on me, set your hearts on heaven and do not be troubled.

As I pondered on this myself I smiled! I mean imagine if instead of the eucharist we had a crying little baby….the church would be full of people to take him home or bring him food.

Toni for example has a pet cat and our parishioners love her and buy her treats so imagine if Jesus was there in baby form?!!

And so in a way we could ask why Jesus who so desperately wants to be found and loved makes himself so hidden?

Such are the mysteries ways of God and of the Eucharist.

And yet Jesus is crying out to us today to spend time with him, to let Him raise us up and infuse us with His supernatural grace as we sit with Him and even better if we can receive him with love.

Today is the first Friday of the month meaning that there are many masses and opportunities for adoration all over London and the world today.

Jesus is calling, thirsting to reach out to us and to raise us up and also like a little child, thirsting for our company and attention. It really is a two way process!

So let’s do our best today to spend time with Jesus and even if we can’t see or feel anything, let’s do it in faith, trusting that in the invisible realm that He is blessing us and helping us and that our very presence is consoling Him even if we have a head full of distractions at the same time!

Have a wonderful day!