Good morning!

Last night Rayne and I headed into Soho for his Christmas party. With a trousers from Peter, a shirt from Rayne, shoes from Peter and a coat from Rayne I must admit that I cleaned up pretty well and of course Rayne was looking smashing as usual!

Not bad for a guy living on providence! Our Lady sure has humour and she’s never let me down in almost 15 years.

It was fun hanging out with the doctors and nurses. I even had one going when I told her that I was a heart consultant at St. Mary’s hospital in Paddington🤣🤣

I don’t think I’d make much of a heart consultant to be honest, I hate blood and I couldn’t imagine myself working such long hours in a hospital and yet I’m full of respect and admiration for all those that do!

The party was also full of Rayne’s colleagues many of whom were both irish and super nice, friendly and welcoming.

A great night and super people! Thank you Jesus!

All that aside, yesterday was the first Friday and in prayer this morning Our Lady told me how happy she was:

Our Lady 

This morning my children I am smiling on so many of you that consoled heaven by your prayers yesterday.

Your prayers are like gold dust in heaven for the holy souls in purgatory and for the conversion of the world.

Prayer is both timeless and ageless and grace never expires or goes bad but can be either refused by a soul or unavailable from a lack of prayer.

Think my children of how now you worry and look after your environment and talk about things like global warming.

How I wish my children that your world would take heed of the real global warming so to speak, the warming of evil and the heat and danger of sin.

Sin my children is your number one enemy and the most important thing for you to reduce.

Sin leads to all sorts of selfish acts that destroy both yourselves and the environment around you.

World summits will do no good until your world turns to God and changes its ways.

Continue to pray my little children and offer me your hearts and prayers for the conversion of souls and the conversion of your world.

As usual Our Lady is telling it to us at is because she sees the bigger picture and she is both grateful and desperately in need of our prayers to reduce the level of sin in the world.

Naturally she isn’t saying that we shouldn’t worry about the environment and climate change but she’s telling is that this isn’t the primary issue or danger that our world faces.

We can be so focused on one issue like the environment that we don’t see through there is a far bigger and greater danger that we’re blindly running at!!

Our Lady desperately wants the world to first turn to prayer and conversion of hearts, laws, lives and countries and out of this conversion would flow so much healing for the world and indeed for the environment too.

Let’s help Our Lady who is the mother of God and knows far more than mother nature!

May we continue to pray and bring others to Jesus while praying for the conversion of the world and the end to the pollution of sin.

Ho ho ho, merry Christmas!


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