Last night I spoke with one of my brothers with whom I’ve always got on reasonably well despite all the changes in my life….so no, it wasn’t the older one!!

We began talking about my uncle who has decided not to be vaccinated and as I haven’t been vaccinated and know quite a few people who haven’t been vaccinated either I did my best to give him another perspective.

Nowadays people seem to equate doing God’s will with being a good person and a good citizen and listening to the advice of doctors and science and obeying.

Yet Jesus as ever works in funny ways and very often in ways that totally contradict the wisdom of the world because Jesus is concerned primarily about saving our souls rather than the longevity of our lives.

The ministries of inner healing and deliverance for example take completely different approaches to healing what would be called mental illness. One is nearly all about chemicals in the brain while Jesus’ focus is always the spiritual heart.

Anyway what always amazes me is the arguments that always follow!

I’m not saying to get vaccinated or not but what I am saying is that it is perfectly reasonable for Jesus to ask some people not to get vaccinated if He so chooses.

Jesus asked saint Peter to walk on water, he could have drown, Jesus asked Padre Pio to live for 50 years with stigmatas, he could have bled to death, Jesus asked many mystics to live entirely off the eucharist, they could have starved to death……

So my point is that Jesus often asks his followers to behave in ways that are unusual and when he does, he protects them!

The trick is discerning and knowing when it’s Jesus asking us to make a leap of faith and when it’s not.

Turning Jesus into such a regular and normal 21st century guy is dangerous, it’s very dangerous because it’s just not who He is or who He ever will be!

Jesus is not a nice man, He’s a Holy man and there is an enormous difference because holiness can only be achieved through prayer and obedience to God.

Our Lady is always talking about prayer and conversion and this morning she spoke to me on this matter.

Our Lady 

My little children,

How it hurts my heart that so many of my children refuse to be led by me, your heavenly mother.

Even the most intelligent and competent man on earth is still but a child on the eyes of heaven and needs help and guidance.

I come my children to guide you and help you and yet so many of you refuse to listen and prefer your own council.

Look my children to the lives of the saints and those who have gone before you. Which one of them did not suffer or refused to listen to the cries for prayer and conversion from heaven.

My children, I am a gentle mother but I too must be firm and honest with you because without your free will and cooperation I cannot save you.

Once again I give you my rosary and I ask you to turn your attention to Medjugorje and to my messages there  for both your own conversion and the conversion of your world.

Sadly to a lot of people Our Lady is treated as what people would call a ‘bossy interfering old cow’ and she’s ignored and told to mind her own business as if she was stupid and out of touch with modern living.

How much she suffers is unbelievable and any of us following her will suffer the same fate sadly!

Such are the ways of God and the blindness and stubbornness of human beings to convert and adapt to His way of thinking.

What can we do only to continue to pray and trust and not take the harsh words and insults of others too seriously as we are in good company.

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do”!

Thanks for reading and may we love our most beautiful and gentle mother Mary even more and console her for those who refuse to believe, refuse to listen and refuse to convert despite her pleas, warnings and prayers.