Well we all know about the father, son and Holy Ghost but this morning I was told the story by a priest about the father, son and donkey…

There is a lesson in it for us all!

So off the three of them went with the father letting the son ride the donkey until people started shouting

“What a selfish young man who’s riding the donkey as his poor father is walking”.

Disturbed he let’s dad ride the donkey…

Off they go until more people start shouting

“What a stupid pair with one walking while they have a donkey”

So they both ride the donkey until people start shouting:

“Look, the poor donkey and how cruel that father and son are both on his back.”

Disturbed once again they change their arrangement..

And of course the crowds shouted

“Look at those fools carrying a donkey”.

Following Jesus can be the same! When we’re not following then we are considered to be fools for not believing in God, if we follow too much we will be considered too extreme, if we don’t follow enough we’ll be accused of being lukewarm….

In other words, no matter what we do there will always be people complaining and criticising and telling us that we are wrong and that we are selfish and mean because sadly we live in a world where a lot of people have less intelligence and spiritual understanding than a donkey!!

A great example of this is from the life of Sr. Faustina and how her older sisters spoke to her…

Fortunately Faustina didn’t take too much notice of the old busy body and surely prayed for her but still it just goes to show once again that when a soul is following Jesus that Satan will stop at nothing to criticise, complain and thwart God’s plans!

And so what’s the solution?!

Simple! If Jesus asks you to ride a donkey or to do whatever, keep on going unless Jesus himself convicts you to stop.

Following the crowd or paying too much attention to other people’s moaning and groaning will never lead us to heaven. The cross is not easy, the gospel is not easy and following Jesus is not easy or popular!

So let’s not be like stupid donkeys or like the father and son who paid too much attention to the moaning and disapproval of people but rather let’s look to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and keep ours minds focused on pleasing Jesus rather than people.

St. Faustina, secretary of mercy, pray for us that we may follow Jesus and His inspirations as you did!