Happy feast day of the immaculate conception, the wonderful grace bestowed on Mary who then gave us Jesus by her “yes”.

Only in heaven will we truly appreciate the bond between Jesus and Mary. Down here we can only get glimpses of it and ponder on it.

I suppose that in a way it can all be summarised quite simply, God gave Mary very special graces and then asked her to do very special things and she said yes!

The grace of the immaculate conception was there so that she was ready to be the mother of God and then of course some years later the angel Gabriel appeared to her and asked her….she still had to say “yes”!

Eve was also made perfectly by God and ate the forbidden fruit and just like Eve, Mary could have said no!

Just as Satan tempted Jesus in the desert with power and all sorts, Satan would have loved to get his hands on Mary and destroy her but he couldn’t for the simple reason that Mary was humble.

She could have said “look how beautiful and Holy I am and how much better I am than others, I don’t want anything to do with these people and deserve to live in a big castle and be treated like a queen!

She didn’t because she didn’t see her beauty as hers but as God’s and she desired for God to use her as He wished!

Our Lady 

Today my children heaven wishes to pour out on so many many souls the grace of saying “yes” to God in their lives in a deeper way.

Despite my immaculate conception and the extraordinary graces bestowed on me God did not spare me immense suffering and trials.

Saying yes to God is saying no to self and no to one’s own plans however good they may be.

Saying yes to God is saying yes to love, to mercy and to justice. It’s saying yes to the cross, yes to prayer and yes to loving others and witnessing about Jesus.

In your dark world where Jesus and Christian values are trod upon, saying yes to God is saying yes to controversy, rejection and to suffering but it’s also saying yes to life, to the truth, to true peace and to the salvation of your owns souls.

My children, I cannot deceive you and tell you that following Jesus is easy but I can reassure you from the bottom of my heart that it is worthwhile and that it is the privileged way to holiness and true happiness.

My children, you are not alone. I am helping you at every step and guiding your feet to.

Look to me and draw from the ocean of grace that is there to lift you up and to say a deeper and firmer yes to the will of God for your lives.”

And so today Mary is asking us to say yes. Yes to God, yes to God’s love, yes to God’s forgiveness and yes to God’s plans for our lives.

It’s a yes to trials, it’s a yes to suffering but it’s also a yes to true joy, true happiness and eternal salvation!

“Our Lady, help us to always say yes to God in our lives no matter what the cost on today the feast of your immaculate conception”.

Have a great day with Mary!