How do we stay joyful with misery, moaning & groaning, criticising, complaining, fault finding and suffering all about us not to mention little to no encouragement and support at times?!

Our Lady to the rescue!!

My apostles of love! How heaven desires you to be full of joy because even in His passion Jesus was joyful.

This journey is not a joy that comes from the world around you which is so full of sin and suffering but rather a joy that comes from within, from prayer, from the heart.

This is why my little ones that I call you in Medjugorje to much prayer and to much prayer from the heart because this is how you will remain strong and joyful in the midst of every type of suffering and trial.

Your joy may not always be visible because at times as an act of charity to others you must be discreet but you should do your very best to cultivate an attitude of joy and praise in your hearts in all circumstances.

Always focus on the the things of heaven and never allow yourselves to get discouraged by the things happening on earth.

Nonetheless you must not get lazy or complacent and I ask you to pray and work tirelessly for the Kingdom of heaven even if you appear to have no great success or outstanding fruits. 

Remember that in the eyes of the world, Jesus’ own ministry ended in total and utter failure but God took what seemed like failure and transformed it into the greatest success that will ever be known.

Similarly, many of the saints such as St. Therese of the child Jesus who are known all over your world died unknown deaths with no idea of the fruitfulness of their lives or of the crowns in heaven awaiting them.

Once again my children I remind you of the rosary and invite you to pray the rosary with your hearts.

Once again Our Lady is asking us to keep our hearts and minds focused on heaven and while being concerned and indeed being very concerned about the state of our world, not letting it get us down and falling into misery and despair.

Being joyful doesn’t meant that we don’t care, it just means that we know that there is a bigger picture and walking around miserable isn’t going to help!

Sometimes as Catholics we lack joy and in my opinion at least, statues like this new one in Medjugorje don’t always help.

It’s beautiful to mark the end of the year of St.Joseph with a statue but it’s be even more beautiful if somehow the sculptor managed to capture some of the love and joy that would have existed between the child Jesus and Joseph…

Anyway I must be careful what I write about Medjugorje less someone calls the police again the next time I visit for having a sense of humour!

All that aside, let us be full of joy in our hearts as we focus on the love and happiness of heaven and the eternal rewards that God has prepared for those that love him!

Have a very happy and joyful evening with Our Lady.