Last night I went down to the church where a spanish speaking group were having all night adoration.

Almost immediately I became aware of the pain and lonliness of Jesus who so desperately wants to love us and be loved.

Many people do not realise how sensitive Jesus is and how much He desires us to love Him with our hearts.

It’s easy to give him a bit of time, even to do things in the church etc. But it’s quite another thing to give him our hearts and our friendship.

In some ways he’s like an old person in a home or a sick child in hospital who long more than anything for human company and love despite all the gifts etc that they may be given.

Our Lady spoke to me a little more this morning on this topic

“My children, how you console my motherly heart with your prayers and your witness and how these prayers console the wounded heart of Jesus who so often finds himself alone, abandoned and forgotten.

My children, the world will not have peace until the heart of Jesus is loved and the laws of God respected. There is no other way.

Jesus so desperately desires to save you all and to be loved but your world has chosen a different path and will suffer greatly for her foolishness.

Nonetheless my children, do not let the masses deceive you but stick together in your small but powerful communities and groups of prayer and sacrifice and continue to console the heart of your God and your saviour.

Every hour you spend with Jesus on earth will be like an eternity of blessings when you go to heaven and every tear you wipe from the wounded heart of Jesus will be rewarded by eternal gratitude and favours.

Be not afraid my children but continue to cast your eyes to heaven and be not deceived by the masses.”

Often I feel and experience Jesus’ pain more intensely on Saturday nights. I feel his lonliness as pubs and clubs everywhere are full and the excuse to destress after a long week becomes a justification for all types of sin.

Many will spend today, Sunday hungover in bed while many others will stagger to church without repentance, without prayer and not think twice about receiving poor Jesus in the Eucharist.

And of course Jesus loves each and every soul which is why He so desperately desires to be loved and respected and to be received with love, reverence and understanding.

His suffering and lonliness is unimaginable and yet how he cherishes all prayers and every consolation that we can give him in atonement and reparation for the sins of others.

It truly is a grace to be called to console Jesus but it’s also a responsibility and a calling that is not easy in today’s world.

We must do as Our Lady advises and continue to cast our thoughts on the things of heaven and on the eternal rewards while forming strong and prayerful little communities and groups of prayer down here!

‘Dear Jesus, help us to love you, console you and trust you more”.