Christmas can be that time of year that brings up all your inner wounds.

From who has died over the year to problems with family and life in general, Christmas can be quite a difficult and even sad period for many

The countless parties and talking about family etc. can put a lot of pressure on some people and many recovering addicts are well known to relapse around this time of year.

God is not indifferent and Our Lady is not indifferent either to this dynamic.

Our Lady


My dear children, as you prepare for the season of Christmas, many of you will be reminded of the people that you have lost, the hurts of life, the problems in your families etc. 

Many of you will feel intense loneliness and pain and long for Christmas to be over before it has started.

My little ones, heaven sees and understands your pain and reaches out to you in love and mercy.

Come my little ones to Jesus, pour out your pains and come back to the family of God in the church.

Bring your wounds to Jesus and ask Him to help you forgive both yourselves and others and look upwards in your hearts towards heaven where you have a mother and a family who love and accept you.

Pray from your hearts and ask me for my special motherly help and I will not fail you.

Offer me your trials and struggles while trusting in God’s infinite love and mercy to overcome even the greatest of struggles.

Come my suffering children, meditate on the hardships and sufferings of that first Christmas, love little Jesus in the crib so innocent and pure and allow the true joy of Christmas, the joy of eternal salvation to enter your hearts.

Our Lady is gently reminding us what Christmas is all about. It’s not about having the perfect family and food or even being perfect ourselves. It’s about the love and mercy of Jesus for each one of us and the promise of eternal salvation for everyone who turns to Jesus no matter how miserable or messed up.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being loved.

So don’t let the pressure and hype of Christmas get you down but rather turn to Jesus and Mary in prayer and remind yourself what it’s really all about and let your inner Santa smile!

Let us also be conscious of Jesus hidden in the poor roaming about with Our Lady and saint Joseph guiding them looking for a house or a family to spend Christmas day and escape the loneliness and rejection of the world for at least a few hours.

May the true spirit of Christmas descend upon us all and may it be a time of prayer, gratitude, charity and joy!

Blessings to all this week