Last night I sat in the church talking to Our Lady. I could feel her motherly concern and love for us all as we head into another Christmas period of uncertainty.

No matter where we go whether it’s the secular media or catholic media we reason about flights being cancelled, the new variant of the virus, vaccinations etc.

We certainly are on slippery ground and it’s hard to know where it’s all heading again. Will there be another lockdown? Will churches be closed again? Only God knows.

And yet in the midst of this uncertainty and fear Our Lady is with us and reaching out to us.

Her first Christmas was also full of uncertainty and troubles so who better to guide us through these stormy waters.

My dear children

I look on you all with such motherly love and concern. How I thirst to gather you together in little families of prayer.

Console Jesus in the tabernacle as often as you can and when that is not possible, visit him spiritually in your hearts.

Many people in different parts of the world do not have access to churches due to things like distance and a scarcity of priests. They have had to learn to pray and adapt under these circumstances.

My children, many of you have never experienced this until recently and some of you as you move for the Christmas season will not be able to find churches as you had expected.

Do not lose heart or think that God has abandoned you but rather seek Jesus in prayer and make use of your media devices to participate in the celebrations.

God will never abandon those he loves but hard times call for challenges and an ability to adapt.

Again I remind you of the rosary. Meditate on my life with Jesus and you will find the strength to overcome everything.

Yesterday Rayne and I tries ice skating and this was a good example of adapting to the ice and somehow learning to get around.

Our Lady is asking us to have the same type of spirit and attitude when it comes to prayer. The world is changing and our ability to stop it is small to say the least which is why we must be resourceful and prayerful and learn to make the most of it trusting in Jesus and Mary all of the time.

Our Lady continues to offer us the rosary as a way to pray and as a way to keep our spirits strong.

The rosary is like a roadmap to heaven and the more we pray and meditate on it with Jesus and Mary, the more we will find direction for the journey and keep our hearts positive despite everything.

On that note it’s also important to take some time off and to unwind and do something silly for a few hours to give ourselves a break from it all. Even army officers and contemplative monks and sisters have regular recreational time and events to keep them balanced and sane.

We should do the same as too much focus on the media and on all the bad things happening is not good for ourselves and without meaning to we’ll take into missionaries of fear and doom rather than of love and hope.

And so going back to the skating example, it’s all about balance and quite literally in the case of skating!

So once again, let’s grab a hold of Our Lady’s hand and keep trusting in her, knowing that no matter what happens that she is with us and is guiding us and she will see us through to the other end.

Meditate the rosary and keep smiling, all will be ok!