Christmas isn’t just a time for Jesus and for prayer. Christmas is also a time when Satan’s fury overflows as he sees little Jesus and Mary everywhere.

“Our Lady

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My dear Children, Christmas ins also a season when Satan your enemy gets very angry and becomes even more aggressive.

Satan my little ones despised the incarnation and despised me. Christmas reminds him of that in a very special way which is why he endeavours to utterly destroy Christmas from beginning to end.

You will see it on the media where blasphemy and mockery is now normal. You see it where there are movements to rename Christmas as “holidays’ and you will notice that more and more shops etc will be open over Christmas.

All these activities come from Satan, the prince of darkness.

Also in the church Satan is active. Where there is sin there is Satan and in the church he strives to destroy the real meaning of Christmas and reduce and undermine its meaning and significance in every way possible.

Christmas is above all a Holy time and a time of spiritual preparation for you and your families.

I implore you my children to prepare your souls and to fight against the current of evil that always seek to kill, steal and destroy.

Pray my rosary my little ones and stay close to me in prayer.”

Well there we have it, there is nothing more I can add really only to take Our Lady’s words to heart and for us to endeavour to make Jesus the centre of our Christmas and to be aware of the snares of the devil who’s always lurking around the corner trying to destroy everything that he doesn’t like.

Our Lady, queen of the rosary

Pray for us!