Friday morning and Christmas is approaching, this morning Our Lady spoke to me again about prayer and prayer from the heart.

“Our Lady 

My little children, how Jesus and I love you and long for you to know us in a personal and loving way.

Prayer my children is the key to knowing us with your hearts and allowing us to come to you in your hearts.

So many people do not pray, Satan tries to crowd people’s minds with the media, with reading and sadly with other things such as pornography.

These things block your minds and hearts from communicating with God just like the sun can be blocked by clouds.

Heaven calls you to prayer with your hearts, to openness and vulnerability before your creator.

The more a heart opens, the more God can do for that soul and similarly, the less it opens the less that God can do even if that soul was to work day and night in the church itself!

Open your hearts me children to the supernatural love of Jesus and allow me to guide you.”

This is message resonates what Our Lady is calling for in Medjugorje, prayer from the heart and its also inviting us to get to know the ways of God.

In today’s society and even church, the healing ministry has been all but crushed and so people don’t know or haven’t experienced the Holy Spirit who makes things like forgiveness, sexual purity, freedom from addictions etc. possible.

Jesus wants to do big things in our lives and in our hearts but he needs us to be open and to learn about him and now to cooperate with his grace.

He’s a deeply intimate and personal God who desires to know him and commune with him at an extremely personal level.

He thirst for us to know him and experience him with our hearts and for us to let our hearts be transformed and raised up and beyond the desires of the passions and the flesh.

May we open our hearts fully to Jesus today and allow his Holy spirit to live and love through us in extraordinary ways!