Last night I sat in the church in front of Jesus in the Eucharist and I guess part of me was trying to figure Him out!

Although God is infinite and some of the mysteries of God are beyond our ability to ever fully understand, He does like us to try and just like looking up at the stars and seeing something of their beauty, we will never understand all of God but we’ll get little pockets of understanding that will help us to love and appreciate Him more.

So as I sat before Jesus I was wrestling with how Jesus, God the all powerful could but in that little piece of bread while simultaneously holding the universe in existence?!

How could He seem so silent and weak and hidden and powerless when in actual fact He is none of those things?

Jesus then spoke to me to further my understanding while still leaving me perplexed!

My child,

Although you see me now disguised in my eucharistic presence and seeming weak and powerless, I am nonetheless God and am fully present here in my divinity.

If I so desired I could appear, I could turn night into daylight, I could perform miracles.

My nothingness and apparent weakness in the form of bread is an illusion! I choose to be present to you like this but I am not bound by it!

Just as when I walked the earth, I was one person with two natures. People saw my human nature because my divine nature can only be seen spiritually.

I choose to be still and to be silent in this piece of eucharistic bread just as I chose to be still and silent when I was born.

It is not out of weakness that I don’t intervene sovereignly in the world and eliminate sin and atheism. It is out of choice.

In my final coming I will manifest myself like that but for now I choose to be hidden to the human eye and only visible to the heart.

Those that seek me will find me and will be rewarded eternally while those that reject me will face eternal punishment.

Nobody can ever kill me or destroy me. Even when I died on the cross, my body died but my spirit did not die. I am and always will be immortal.

Even if the church was to burn down and the eucharist to burn too, I am not destroyed! Even when Satanists do unspeakable things to the eucharist, I am not blemished.

Any human notion that you have of being in control is fantasy!

Even when the priest lifts me up during the mass, it is I sustaining the priest in existence and allowing him to lift up my eucharistic presence.

You see my children, without me you don’t even exist! You can do nothing without my help.

Even Satan and all the demons of hell are utterly dependent on me keeping them in existence as a television is dependent on electricity to stay working! To me Satan is  nothing and I chose to keep him in existence freely because I have a greater plan.

Meditate and think my children of your nothingness, not to humiliate you but to awaken to the reality of me your God loving you and calling you on the path of salvation.

Come to me my children and spend time with me in the eucharist where through that mere piece of bread my entire person is looking at you and communicating with your hearts and minds.”

I don’t know about you but that certainly has given me food for thought on this last Saturday before Christmas and a deeper desire to love and adore the invisible God who’s holding us all in existence at every moment without us even knowing it!!