Last night as I sat with Our Lady in the church she spoke to me about this whole area of holiness, sin and confusion.

Truth be told, today’s world and church is a minefield of information, ideas and different and conflicting truths.

For a new convert and indeed for an old one this can lead to so much anxiety and even despair.

It’s a very delicate area because each one of us has to follow our conscience and if our conscience isn’t clear on an issue or if it is but our conclusion differs from our neighbours then what do we do?!

In my ministry I’m faced with these issues all the time because there are so many different theories around being gay and catholic and each one claims to be true.

In reality they can’t all be true but yet if another person is following their conscience and believes that they are correct, we can’t force them to change either nor can they force us.

And this is what leads to such a mess and into this mess Our Lady speaks:

“Our Lady 

The heart of my son Jesus is so soft, so gentle, so merciful my children that as you approach him it leaps with joy and hope at your very presence.

The heart of Jesus loves each one of you just as the heart of a little child leaps for joy at the presence of its mother.

Yet my children, so many do not know the love of Jesus and they do not love him. In turn they chose their own rules and choose what they believe to be right and wrong themselves.

The result is terrible confusion where well intentioned people who lack in divine wisdom endeavor to change everything.

My children, it is not enough to love Jesus like you might love a little child which is a mere human love, you must love Jesus and become docile and obedient to His ways and to what He shows you is right and wrong.

Ignorance of sin does not make a sin any less a sin, it just changes the degree of responsibility for the soul in question.

Abortion my children is the most awful sin and regardless of the level of knowledge and responsibility does tremendous damage to the soul involved.

Sexual impurity of every type also leads to immense spiritual damage and blindness and to trivialise it or banalise it is a very serious offense to God and sin of omission.

Jesus, my beautiful child came into this world not by accident but deliberately to be the sacrificial lamb for sin.

Sin is death my children, spiritual death and so the best way to love Jesus is to avoid sin.

My children, you cannot make up your own rules and deem them as Holy and good if they feel or seem right to you.

Satan is a master deceiver and manipulator and will stop at nothing to twist your thinking and justify sin.

Follow Jesus my children, seek His heart and His will. Read the lives of the saints and the teachings of the church and humbly follow the narrow road of prayer and of the light and teach others to do so too.

Our Lady is reaching out to us in love and wants us to educate our consciences through the teachings of the church and the lives of the saints.

Sometimes things aren’t clear and we can only do our best while at the same time continuing to pray and to educate ourselves so that we can better understand.

Our Lady always recommends the teachings of the church and the lives of the saints rather than the theories of the latest theologians or psychiatrists!

She warns us against being deceived by Satan who knows how to manipulate and deceive and pass evil off as good.

Let us pray today for more heavenly light and the grace to accept the ways and truths of heaven however difficult or challenging that they may seem remembering that we are not alone, we have Jesus and Mary and all the angels and saints of heaven helping us!

Ho, Ho, Ho

Holy Christmas to everyone