At the beginning of this busy Christmas week people are moving and travelling, families are reuniting, Christmas liturgies and events are being prepared and not to mention the preparation of food and drink for the festivities.

It can be a time of a lot of stress and pressure and of course this year like last year is made worse by the ongoing uncertainty over the coronavirus and the possibility of more lockdowns…

Here is what Our Lady had to say this morning about it all.

“Our Lady 

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This week my children will be a busy week for many of you and will be stressful.

Remember that I too, your heavenly mother had all the normal stresses of human life to deal with such as the preparation of food, the difficulties of travelling, the responsibilities of looking after a baby and a husband while not knowing what the future had to hold.

I found the strength and love to manage all these things in prayer and very often I too cried in exhaustion under the pressure of many difficulties.

Do not think my children that because you may find things hard that I am not with you. On the contrary, I am with you in the hardships and the difficulties and I am helping you.

As usual I offer you my rosary to pray and meditate. You can pray while you work or drive, you can pray as you cook and clean and unite your work to my heart.

I am walking with you my children in a very special way this week. Pray, trust and do not worry!

As usual Our Lady’s advice is so humble and real and understanding of what it’s like around this time!

She’s not suggesting for a second that we all stop working and just pray 24 hours all day every day! She’s helping us to incorporate prayer into our daily lives and to sanctify everything that we do by doing it with love.

She knows that at times it’ll be hard and that we’ll feel stressed out and overwhelmed and yet even there she is reassuring us of her motherly help and assistance!

So let’s consecrate this week in a special way to Our Lady, putting everything we do into her loving hands and trusting in her to protect us from all attacks of the enemy who loves to cause upheaval during these times of the year.