Ho, ho, ho! Hope that you are all having a Holy Christmas week of preparation.

This morning I received this truly beautiful locution from Our Lady. At times the things she tells me and the way she says them make me smile from ear to ear!

Our Lady 


My dear children, today I wish to talk to you about Jesus.

Jesus my children loves you so much and desires to be with you so much that he places himself in a place where he is closer to you than you are to yourselves!

Through the extraordinary gift of baptism, Jesus is with you and he lives in you.

Consider a heart patient who needs what you call a pacemaker to keep the heart functioning properly or even in more extreme cases, a heart transplant.

Through your baptism Jesus is closer to you than any of these devices or organs and just as the heart patient doesn’t consciously feel their pacemaker or new heart, many of you do not feel Jesus’ presence either and so easily forget that he’s there!

Jesus is closer to you than your mobile phones or watches, he is closer to you than even your very own hands and feet because He loves you.

However to be active in your lives Jesus needs your will and your loving cooperation which is activated through prayer.

The more you give of yourself and of your life, the bigger Jesus will grow within you and the greater things you will do in the world for Jesus.

The opposite is also true and although Jesus can never die, you can silence him in your lives and you can die spiritually speaking.

Yet, just like an uncharged mobile phone, you can be brought to life and even after an entire lifetime of ignoring Jesus and ridiculing Christians, you are ever only one simple act of the mind and will away from accepting Jesus into your lives and being welcomed back to the family of God.

As you meditate on the baby Jesus in the Christmas crib, think of picking him up and of taking him home and looking after him and then reflect on the baby Jesus within you who needs love, care and protection.

Allow this Christmas to be a time of spiritual growth and reflection and of giving the child Jesus a home in your life which is a mere blink of an eye in the light of eternity.”

What a beautiful message reminding us to look after the Jesus in us, the Jesus in others and to allow him to grow big and strong in our lives and in society.

And for this we need a mother and that’s why we have Our Lady!

Mother Mary, help us to hear the whispers and cries, the joy and the laughter of the child Jesus who lives within us through our baptisms. Help us to love him and to let Him love and help others through us so that we become lights of love to the world this Christmas.