Only a few days left now till Christmas and already on can feel the stress in the air.

Not all people feel happy at Christmas and especially not all LGBT people when Christmas can remind them of all the rejection and discrimination from the church and their families.

Recently in the USA a diocese in Michigan banned all LGBT people from participating in the sacraments. What will the words “happy Christmas” mean to the gay community over there?

This morning Our Lady spoke to me about this area…

“Our Lady 

Christmas my child can be a particularly painful time for those on the margins of society and especially those in the LGBT community.

God made all for family and community and when these relationships break down it can be particularly painful.

Over this Christmas period things like drug use, sexual promiscuity and suicidal thoughts and attempts increase dramatically.

This of course is not just in the LGBT area but it is particularly serious for these people.

Remember my children that Jesus too faced tremendous rejection on his first arrival into the world. He was not recognized, not accepted and even sought after to be killed.

Open your hearts my children this Christmas to those that are rejected by society and family for just cause and allow the love of Jesus to flow through your hearts to them 

Our Lady is of course our mother and as a mother she is a mother to each and every one of us regardless of orientation or colour or creed. She has a place in her heart for us and she knows that God does too even if our church in her brokenness is struggling to find that space.

Let’s pray this Christmas for all families divided become of LGBT related issues and be sensitive to Our Lady’s call of love and generosity for all those who will be lonely and isolated this Christmas.