During this Christmas Season many people give and receive gifts and in a way why not?! After all Christmas is the time when God Himself gave us all the biggest gift of all, Jesus.

The trouble is that we can’t really see him or touch him or play with him as we would with a material gift and you know what they say; out of sight, out of mind.

Our Lady is always calling us back to the heart of things and reminding us of the greatest gifts that God wants to give us this Christmas, the gifts in our hearts.

‘Our Lady


My dear children, as Christmas draws nearer I once again call you to preparing your hearts in prayer for this wonderful celebration.

Jesus desires to pour so many graces on open hearts which is why I invite you to prepare in prayer.

In the silence of prayer you will hear the cry of your hearts and you will understand your need for Jesus and his grace.

Bring him everything and especially bring him your hurts, wounds and faults in the sacrament of reconciliation.

The greatest gifts that you can receive this Christmas are not the material ones but the extraordinary graces that heaven wishes to pour on you.”

Many people who are rich with material things walk around depressed and full of fear. Others have maybe lost a loved one this year or for whatever reason are estranged from family and are finding it difficult or impossible to get over…

Others are ill or are afraid of getting ill and have no peace in their hearts while others are paralyzed with worry about the future.

Into all these troubled and wounded hearts, Jesus desires to bring the greatest gift of all, the gift of peace.

He needs our help though, through prayer and confession and vulnerability from our hearts we can invite Him and and we can allow Him to begin the healing process on our wounded hearts this Christmas.

And that my friends would not only be the best gift that you could receive this Christmas, it would also be the best gift that you could give Jesus!

I did and I’ve never regretted it.

Ho, ho, ho….Holy Christmas everyone!!