Happy feast of the Holy Family, St. Stephen’s day and boxing day!!

Certainly a bit of a post Christmas day combo of feasts and prayers.

Of course for some today’s feast of the Holy Family may be bitter sweet after spending the entire day yesterday with family and realising that they are anything but Holy!!

Perhaps others were away from their families and today’s feast day might also be a bit painful and of course those others have the perfect loving ideal families….we all hate you🤣🤣

Yet whatever the case we can learn from the Holy Family. Firstly Mary and Joseph were away in Bethlehem and away from their friends and families when Jesus was born…

Mary is said to have been about 14 or 16 when she had Jesus, in some ways only a child herself and there she was a young mother in a distant town.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the Holy Family was that there were only 3 of them!!

The aunties and uncles and cousins and kids were absent…perhaps a lesson for us all for next Christmas 🤣🤣🤣

The Holy Family show us that we don’t have to have much or even be big in number to be happy, we just need to find peace and contentment in the simple things and not let our hearts be troubled for what we don’t have or by comparing what we have to others.

I’m sure that the Holy Family did not have Turkey for Christmas and that Santa never visited Jesus with a playstation 4 and yet little Jesus was happy!

If today this little child could speak to you and I about our lives and families….what do you think he’d say?

Personally I think he’d tell me to stop moaning and to focus on all the blessings that I have here in London while other people in other corners of the world are starving.

What might he tell you about your life and family and how might he change your way of seeing things?

And so on this day of the Holy Family let us ask Jesus, Mary & Joseph to intercede for us that we may find peace and contentment in our lives regardless of whether we have big families or small families or even no family because in reality at the end of the day we are all part of one big family, God’s family!

Blessings to all!