Good morning from a rainy London where I’m enjoying a nice coffee and thanking God for a fun night last night.

As the rain pours down Our Lady began to speak to me, she doesn’t miss a beat and this message really made me smile because I find the way she describes things so simple and yet so profoundly wise.

Our Lady 

Just as the rain is pouring outside my child, God’s grace is like falling rain on your souls.

Like the rain, it is life to the trees and the flowers which give you the oxygen that you breathe and yet to your daily lives, the rain is an inconvenience!!

How much more similar to the spiritual life than you may first think!

The spiritual life is the life water to your souls and yet in your busy world so many run from it just like running from the rain.

Like avoiding to get wet, people avoid spiritual things at times. They build busy and waterproof lives of material things around them and avoid going out into the unknown territory of the spirit.

My children, how so very many people live their lives the wrong way around as they frantically avoid the deeper questions of life, of death and of the soul.

In the eyes of eternity, your lives are nothing but a quick shower of rain here today and gone tomorrow.

Open your hearts my children and live for the Kingdom of heaven and let every day be an opportunity for more life giving grace to touch and transform your souls into the most beautiful heavenly flowers for the glory of God and as a witness to your world.

And so today Our Lady as always is encouraging us to keep on going, to keep on praying and to allow the rain of heaven to transform us into beautiful flowers of love for the whole world to see!

Praise God for rain and Rayne. Have a wonderful day.