Hello everyone, Séamus is back in London from his week in Northern Ireland and to celebrate his return he took me out for a nice fry up yesterday!

Other than that the mission goes on and today God put it on my heart to share an experience that happened the other evening in relation to priests and intercession.

As I was going to bed I felt a sudden heaviness in the room and so I tuned into the spiritual world to see if it was a demon or something else!

As it turned out it wasn’t a demon but it was a group of priests in purgatory asking me to pray for them….

Now you might be wondering why I was feeling heavy but the answer is simple. If you hang around a smoker you’ll smell the smoke or if you’re beside an alcoholic you’ll smell the drink and so when souls in purgatory manifest, they bring their suffering and pain with them and sensitive souls like me feel it.

The only thing to do in this case is to pray for them and Jesus has taught me to pray in a special way, repairing for their specific sins.

So I first asked them why they were there and how to pray and what they said back to me was textbook so to speak.

They showed me all the times that they neglected prayer in their earthly lives, they showed me the lack of love and belief that they had in the real presence of Jesus in the eucharist and the casual way they administered many of the sacraments and finally they showed me their utter lack of love for Our Lady.

And so I set a about praying as follows:

1. For their lack of prayer I was immediately brought in the spirit before Jesus in the blessed sacrament where I began praising him and adoring his eucharistic body.

As I was doing this I was immediately aware of the effects soothing the souls in purgatory as if somehow they had come back to life and that my prayers were their prayers which were compensating for their mistakes.

2. For their cavalier way of administering the sacraments I was inspired before God to ask for forgiveness on their behalf and again as this happened I saw the suffering of the souls becoming less and less.

3. And finally I was inspired to love Our Lady and make prayers and expressions of love and praise to repair for the lack of love and respect these souls showed her while on earth.

After this I saw the group of priests being released and suddenly all the heaviness left me and I was able to sleep!

As I reflected on it afterwards I thought of both the privilege and responsibility of being a priest and felt Jesus’ pain and lonliness that so many priests for whatever reason are like these suffering souls.

Our Lady in Medjugorje is always asking us to pray for our priests because so very many of them are totally lost and are a million miles away from being enthusiastic and spirit-filled lovers of Jesus and the gospel.

And so with that in mind I encourage everyone to pray for priests and if there any priests reading, I pray that you will be inspired to love Jesus, prayer and Our Lady more and to repent and repair of any bad habits or ideas that block the flow of grace in your lives.

May the Holy souls in purgatory and all the angels and saints in heaven pray for us and pray for our priests.

Bless your day,