This morning Our Lady shared with me a beautiful message about the love of God the father and his love for us:

My dear children, today I desire to speak to you about the heavenly father.

God your father and my father too is total and absolute love and goodness.

He is perfect in every way like the whitest snow or the purest fresh water.

He is timeless and ageless and in your human language is ‘forever young’.

He is as fresh and energetic and loving now as he was 100 years ago, 200 years ago, 2000 years ago and before.

He is!

He is full of life and energy and movement beyond your wildest dreams and the whole of creation and its moving is only a mere shadow in comparison to the love and light of the most Holy Trinity.

So many of you have had poor relationships with your human fathers and so many of your fathers were very broken men too.

This experience blocks your human minds from grasping and understanding the love and freedom of your heavenly father and also his healing power to transform your lives.

The Father gave you Jesus and the Holy Spirit to draw you to His heart and to raise your human minds and hearts up and beyond the limits of your human nature and the pull from the things of your world and your passions.

He desires to refather you and for each one of you to know him personally.

He doesn’t just want you to know about him from books or from the bible. He wants you to know him in the same way as you know your human dads.

He desires to love you, heal you, teach you and mentor you and grow you into beautiful sons and daughters of God.

He sends me to help him as his instrument which is why I call you again and again to praying with your hearts because it’s in this way and in the secret chamber of your own hearts that you will encounter and experience the supernatural love and power of God.

My children, draw closer to the father, learn how to pray with your hearts and allow him to transform and heal your lives in every way.”

What more is there to say only that God desperately desires to pour out His love and Spirit on us and to transform our lives and so pleads with us to pray with our hearts and to learn about spiritual things so that we’ll be able to follow him!

Come Holy Spirit, transform our lives and teach us to be true sons and daughters of God our magnificent father so that His supernatural healing love flows through our every action and onto others!

Have a blessed day,


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