The love of the Father continued from yesterday by Our Lady….

Yesterday my child I told you about the love of the Father that reaches down to your poor world and draws your souls towards him as he lifts you up beyond yourselves and your sinful hearts.

His love is like a burning fire that draws you like a magnet and yet wounds and purges the areas of your souls not yet Holy.

This is the suffering of purification but it is also a joyful suffering because it has a purpose and an end and will lead you to true freedom in every way.

It is not however an easy suffering and this is why the father has put little parcels or specs of his love in the hearts of his people so that you may love and support one another.

It is not enough for God to love you because God is spirit. You must also love one another and help one another.

God made you for love and intimacy and the more that you love God, the more you will become human, sensitive and loving and the more you will not only desire to love God, you will desire to love eachother.

This my children is how communities form and it’s how the holy spirit calls the people of God to community.

My dear children, allow the love of God to overflow in your hearts and to love your brothers and sisters with your hearts.

Be not afraid or ashamed to love and to be vulnerable with eachother just as jesus became vulnerable by coming to your world as a little baby.

Reach out in love and remember that even though your sins may be many, each act of love and charity will repair and atone for countless sins because God’s mercy is boundless in goodness and compassion and he cannot but leap for joy and pour abundant Graces on you when you too show mercy.”

Again such a powerful message that it’s not about being perfect but it’s about allowing God’s perfect love to love through us as best we can and make it perfectly imperfect love because God sees the heart of things and especially every effort we make at loving others matter how much it falls short of perfection.

And so today may each one of us in our own way allow the love of God to well up in us and cause us to reach out in love to another human being in need and allow some of the Father’s love to flow from our heart to theirs

Have an awesome day!