‘My children, all over the world you celebrate the new year and look forward in hope to happiness and health.

This my children is what God desires to give you, a happiness and joy that go beyond all human happiness and lasts for eternity!

Prayer my children is the secret to true and lasting happiness and blessings and graces for your loved ones.

Start off this new year with God on your side, continue time and time again to come back to his love and mercy and above all trust. Your earthly lives are very short but heaven lasts for eternity.

A very simple message and yet noy lacking in depth and love.

Our Lady is calling us to prayer as usual so that in turn God can (and will) bless us!

So maybe a little challenge for us all this year would be to spend just a little bit less time on our phones and on social media and to turn our hearts and minds to God in prayer, trusting that His goodness and mercy will transform our lives and new year!

Happy and blessed new year to all!