Good evening! I’m a bit late today with so many different things going on not to mention what’s happening in the physical realm.

If people only knew how much movement there is in the spiritual world they’d be amazed and if they knew how much fighting they’d probably be shocked. That’s why God draws us into the action because our prayers are needed. I just happen to see but every prayer is used and much appreciated by the whole of heaven regardless of whether you see spiritual things or not!

Speaking of things moving, Rayne is in the process of sending a big box of gifts over to his family in the Philippines.

He has been talking about doing it since I met him and has been collecting items here and there along the way!

Over this last week he finished it off and is sending a very generous box of gifts to his family that is sure to make his mother cry.

They say that there is more joy in giving than in receiving and as I see Rayne prepare his gifts I definitely believe it!

It also reminds me of the good old days when I had lots of money and could buy people Christmas presents etc and brought a certain nostalgic feeling to my heart.

Mostly people only value the gifts that they can see and that’s why many spiritual and prayer gifts go largely unnoticed because they are invisible.

I guess the most unappreciated gift of all is the gift of the Eucharist. On the outside it is small and useless and neither interesting to look at or even tasty to eat! It leaves our human senses bored and unsatisfied!

And yet there it is, a spiritual masterpiece that angels kneel in ecstasy before!!

If only we could see what the angels see and open the eyes of our hearts and get a glimpse of the divine. We’d all be on our knees praying and afterwards we’d be out on the streets singing the glories of God and bringing others to him with joy and enthusiasm!

Instead our churches lay empty during most of the day and Jesus waits silently and sadly for a visit from a passer by!

At times I say to Jesus “what do you expect? You’ve hidden yourself in a piece of bread and now you’re complaining that nobody is visiting you”!

He doesn’t reply immediately but smiles at me and says “yes, but I draw people by the eyes of the heart”.

Sadly many people hear the cry of Jesus in their hearts but then get distracted by other things or the pull of the passions.

Jesus is gentle and he doesn’t force, he likes to be genuinely loved by souls rather than everyone praying before him out of fear.

That said, many souls are drawn to prayer more out of a fear of going to hell rather than a heart love for Jesus and while their love isn’t perfect, Jesus does appreciate and value their prayers while he sets to work transforming their hearts.

After all, if Jesus only accepted perfect prayers and perfect love then none of us would qualify!

And so as I think of Rayne’s family who are going to be so super excited when they open this big box of love, I hope and pray that this year each one of us can open and explore an even greater package of love that God has given to us hidden from our human eyes and yet much written about and explained by the church down through the centuries.

‘Dear Jesus, bless Rayne and his family and bless us all too that we may come to know and love the greatest gift of all, the gift of yourself in the Eucharist’.