Today is the first Monday of the new year and the big wheel of life is turning!

Our Lady once again has words of encouragement for us this morning….

My children, as this first week of the new year begins my desire is that it will be a new beginning for many of you.

Some of you take new years resolutions and get disheartened when they fade away into nothingness within weeks and even days.

Seek God in prayer and in the silence of your heart ask him what he would like you to change. In turn trust that he will help you and give you both the spiritual and human assistance required.

God my children is both very powerful and very creative and very often his plans for you are so far away from your own plans for yourselves.

Where you see limits, he sees opportunities. Where you see blockages, he sees breakthroughs. Where you see hopelessness and despair, he sees hope and a future and where you see sin, he sees mercy.

Yes my children, God is a God of power, positively, opportunity and creativity and he has a plan for absolutely everybody.

It is never too late to turn to God. You are never too sinful or too old or too anything. His mercy and power are as far above your limits as the sun is above a little lightbulb.

Jesus yearns that you trust in His power to heal you more. Run to him in prayer and He will strengthen and heal you himself. Do not become dependent on the doctors of your world who deny the power of Jesus and the spiritual and who can never give your souls the direction and love that they need.

Science has not replaced God or the ways of the spirit but man has molded a golden calf and called it science.

Return my children to the ways of the spirit. Take inspiration from the lives of the saints, hold my hand with the rosary and let’s climb the mountain of sanctification and holiness together “

Powerful and yet challenging words from Our Lady to return more to the ways of the spirit and not to farm out all our problems and our suffering to the professionals without considering the healing power of Jesus and the supernatural ways of the spirit.

So let’s jump on God’s big wheel of life this week and this year so that we can see the world and our lives from his perspective and thus be prepared to trust in Him more fully, more heartily and more radically.