Good morning from rainy London where my Rayne has joined me for a coffee after his night shift in the hospital!

Once again Our Lady spoke to me this morning and once again she spoke of prayer:

My children, my son Jesus is calling you to him not to make your lives more complicated or burdensome but on the contrary to make your lives more simple and more free.

You are all made to pray and to enjoy prayer just as a bird is made to fly and a cat is made to climb a tree!

Prayer is an adventure and a love affair of the heart and it is where you will discover both your gifts and your brokenness.

Prayer will transform your brokenness like a veterinary surgeon repairs the broken wings of a bird and afterwards like the bird you will soar.

Prayer is an investment for the heart and for the future,your future on earth and also your eternal future afterwards.

Prayer, prayer,prayer! Talk to all you meet about the power of prayer!

Our Lady is reminding us that prayer is actually something natural and normal that God has put in each one of us and that each and everyone can pray and be transformed from the inside out by the power of prayer.

Over time prayer heals and strengthens us and allows us to soar into the fire of God’s love where we find the power and strength we need to live our human lives with love and freedom.

Prayer raises our minds and hearts beyond the human and aligns us with the will of God and yes while prayer also brings us into contact with our brokenness, this is only temporary so that we may be healed and transformed and learn to fly even higher!

May Jesus give each one of us a thirst for prayer today and raise our hearts to the heavens where they will be filled with the living waters that never run out.

Wishing all a beautiful prayer time today!