This morning Our Lady gave me a wonderful message on the struggles of following Jesus and detaching from the world.

A timely message when after an argument Toni said to me this morning “if that’s how you are after 14 years of healing then I want nothing more to do with you!”

I guess I’m still not perfect then and chances are that if you are reading this that you are not either!

Life with Jesus can indeed be very stressful and whether we are 4 years or 14 years or 40 years after conversion we can still be struggling with the same old things and Satan’s job is to try to wear us down and say “look at you after so many years and how messed up you still are, God wants nothing to do with you, give up”.

Fortunately Our Lady says the opposite:

‘Our Lady 

My dear children, as I call you to prayer and conversion of heart, I call you away from your old lives and ways and this is where you will find so many struggles and misunderstandings.

Like the people of Egypt, at times within you you will experience murmurings and complaining about the things you have lost just like a child crying on its first day at school.

Over time just like the schoolchild you will get stronger and used to the changes in your lives but because holiness is about getting to heaven, the standard is high and so there will be more challenges, more changes and more struggles from the inside!

Do not get disheartened when you find yourself struggling and even when you fall back into old habits at times. It is in the struggle that you grow and in your failings that you learn even more about the mercy of Jesus.

You will often find yourselves mocked and ridiculed by many people for your new way of life and while this will be an opportunity of testimony, it will also be a painful experience 

Come my children to Jesus and I through prayer and even in these trials you will not feel alone.

I offer you my special help through the rosary and no matter what your struggle I implore you never to give up and I promise never to leave your side.


What a wonderful motherly message and how practical and realistic! Holiness is a life long process of changing and learning, a marathon rather than a sprint and the most important thing is to keep on going and to keep on doing one’s best however short of perfection that this may be!

So on that note, let’s keep on moving with Our Lady and the rosary because whether we are crawling or walking or running, giving up is not an option!

Have a wonderful day!