Ever hear this phrase “to have an epiphany”?

Let’s look up the Oxford dictionary:

In english we use it more in the second context than the first but when we think about it what greater realisation or revelation is there than that of the fact that God became man in Jesus?!

Of course to the children of the world this is nonsense and people are more interested in figuring out if alien exist and how to travel through time but to the spiritual man, the revelation of Jesus is far more wonderful than Stephan Hawking’s latest rambling.

Anyway on this trail of thought Our Lady spoke to me this morning..

“My children, today you celebrate the feast of the epiphany  when all those years ago Jesus was visited in his crib by these seeming strangers who had received a revelation and followed it!

My children, Jesus is God and he came to earth not to remain hidden but to draw all people to himself.

Just as back then when I had to welcome these visitors and allow them to adore my child who was also God do I continue to welcome others today and teach them how to  love Jesus.

I did not keep Jesus to myself because he was not mine, I was his! 

And even now I am still his and I thirst to bring him what he wants and loves the most, the souls of sinners.

My children, do not be afraid to talk about Jesus to strangers who seem interested whether they are visitors to your homes or tourists in your churches or people you work with.

Just as the Holy Spirit called these men to Jesus all those years ago does He still call men and women nowadays.

Allow yourselves to be my helpers and to share in the wonderful joy and privilege of bringing souls to the love and knowledge of Jesus.”

So on that note let us be as confident and courageous about talking about Jesus, Mary and the angels and saints and the existence of God as so many modern day scientists and atheists are about talking about big bangs and aliens.

Let us pray that more and more of these men will have the epiphany of epiphanies and realise that we do not need to find another planet and go there in a spaceship to save the human race but we need the blood of Jesus and the grace of His mercy!

Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for us that we may have faith and believe in the supernatural without rationalising it away or attributing the power of God to aliens!

Have an epiphanic day!!