Yesterday we had a beautiful day of prayer at the Church dedicated to the divine mercy and while way never see or know the fruits we must believe in the words of Jesus to Faustina and trust that in Jesus’ eyes are days of prayer are extremely valuable.

That said we must be aware of the awful spiritual times that we live in and of Satan’s disgust and horror for our prayers.

Our Lady spoke to me this morning in this very topic:

“Our Lady 

My children, Satan the enemy of your souls is fighting so very hard to destroy you and to destroy everything Godly on earth.

He particularly hates when you pray and that is why he endeavours to discourage you, to confuse you and to bombard your minds with all sorts of distraction.

When you don’t pray you are weak and Satan has great power over you.

Imagine going into a boxing fight both weak and hungry!

When you pray, you grow in strength and authority and Satan knows that you can do great damage to his kingdom on earth.

He is a coward and a manipulator and he endeavours to confuse human beings and use them for his evil purposes like puppets.

Many people who are in favour of all sorts of evil acts such as abortion are to be pitied. They have been groomed for years by Satan and deceived into believing what is very evil is good and even holy.

Similarly, many of those who venenmously oppose the church have also been seduced by Satan and manipulated by the many awful scandals in the church such as sexual abuse.

Many of these people are in fact good people who are unaware of their participation in the plan of evil and they will not be judged harshly by my son who sees all and understands all.

Those in my son’s church have far greater responsibility because they are not in the same ignorance.”

They too face very great persecution and intimidation to be silent and not to speak of spiritual things or sin and without a lot of prayer they will not have the strength to persevere.

Pray my children especially for your priests and love them and encourage them in every way you can on the path of holiness and truth and the war against Satan and his lies.

Once again Our Lady is making us aware of the power of prayer and the battle there is against the forces of evil who will stop at nothing to destroy us by brainwashing and manipulating good people who lack spiritual insight.

Consoling also is that many of those who do Satan’s bidding in the world of politics, medicine and the media will be treated with mercy by Jesus too who is aware of how cunning Satan is and how he has the ability to manipulate good people into doing very bad things under the disguise of doing good.

And yet that said we must pray and oppose these people and their agendas passionately while at the same time not judging them and hoping for their conversions.

As the expression goes “It’s not that I don’t like you, I don’t like your politics'”.

Have a great Saturday!