This morning Our Lady gave me a very powerful message loving her LGBT children.

Every soul my child is so extremely precious to God. In your human eyes it may seem that there are so many people that God couldn’t possibly care for each one but this is not true!

In his omnipotence God knows each and every one of you better than a loving mother of only one child!

Each one of you is unique. There is and never will be another you.

So many of you my children are struggling and so many of the young people feel so lost and so alone in a world that seems endless in possibilities and yet empty of love.

All sorts of problems ensue with depression, anxiety, drugs, promiscuity and so many suicides.

My motherly heart breaks to see any soul take their life, often when pushed to the depths of despair in a world so lacking in love 

This has been especially true with the LGBT community where many have been driven out of their homes and out of the church by you my children!

You cannot act as guards like the brother of the prodigal son thinking that you are more entitled to God’s love than any other soul.

You cannot judge, bullly and exclude others and then claim that you are my children.

If you love me, you will love my LGBT children too and you listen and learn. You cannot force what you think is right or wrong on them. Each soul is unique and these souls are different and special.

Repent my children for all areas where you have judged and refused to help these souls and others and open wide your hearts to love each person with your hearts and build the church up to be a living temple of both prayer and love

Beautiful words and yet a stern warning from Our Lady that LGBT people are God’s children too and must be given their place in the family of God and loved and accepted as they are without impossible conditions being imposed on them by other well-meaning but uninformed church goers.

Far too much time and energy at times has been spent describing the sins and faults of LGBT people without lifting a finger to help them and thus driving them further from the church and from God and Our Lady clearly is not happy about this at all.

She is reminding us that each soul is unique and that our job is to help that uniqueness to grow and to flourish and to reach its potential and not to block it and stop it and twist it and turn it into an unbearable knot.

May Our Lady help us to see our sins in this area of both commission and omission and may she use us to untie her LGBT children and bring them into the joy and freedom of being loved and accepted children of God in our Catholic church.