This morning Our Lady gave me a short and sweet message, that her love and the love and mercy of Jesus is for everyone.

My children, my apostles of love, how I desire you to be true to your name and for you to love others and teach them about the love and mercy of Jesus regardless of who they are or how they dress or who they live with or what religion or sexual orientation they are.

My apostles of love, by your love you will be recognised as my children.”

Easier said than done especially when you find yourself in a bar or beside someone in the shops covered from head to foot in tattoos and emitting a “keep away” vibe!

And yet we must remind ourselves that they are just as much children of God as we are and that we cannot judge them or condemn them even if we know that they live objectively sinful lives.

These experiences also provide us with the opportunity to reflect on our own conversions and ask ourselves questions like

“Where would be now and what would I be like if I hadn’t been converted”


“If I had grown up in that person’s family and if I was gay or transgender or my parents were addicts…..what might I be like?”

These type of questions soften our hearts and remind us that God had a lot of mercy on us before we even knew about it and that we take some things for granted when we say “I’d never be like that person…”

Truth is that we never know what we might be capable of and we should remind ourselves that without Jesus’ mercy we’re all capable of being the worst of the worst sinners and so in no position to judge anybody!

And so with this in mind today let us endeavour to cast aside our pride and self-righteousness and allow ourselves to love beyond our comfort zones and be true to the name Our Lady gives us; ‘apostles of love”.


P.S. this is no easy challenge but God will bless us infinitely for doing our best and trying, practise makes perfect and I for one am still practicing and very far away from perfect.