Last night we had a mass and evening of prayer dedicated to Saint Joseph and after the mass Brenda gave a little talk on the importance of praying to our guardian angels, especially at night time.

Night time can be the time when alone in our beds in the dark that we become aware of the problems in our lives and when Satan and his demons try to use the same problems to sinks into a pit of worry, anxiety and depression!

Make no mistake about it, if Satan had his way he’d have us all give up our faith and kill ourselves. His food is our total and utter destruction and he doesn’t possess one ounce of mercy or compassion. Pleading or appealing to Satan or his demons to leave us alone is utterly pointless, they have no limits or mercy.

So what to do then when at night or in the middle of January when the weather is cold and dark and many people are dull in mood?!

Brenda told us last night! Call on your guardian angel!

Perhaps last night God wanted me to try this out for myself becaus I was alone in my room and was feeling a little bit agitated and alone.

I began praying to the angels and all of a sudden I felt a great presence and serenity in the room as I could feel about 5 giant angels gathered around me.

While they didn’t talk much, I understood that they were not there to talk to me as a human being might, they were there to keep me company and to let me know that I wasn’t alone.

Now at times we see angels as gentle little things and demons as strong and ugly monsters but this isn’t true! Many of the Holy angles are bigger, stronger and more terrifying than any of the demons and when the demons see them they run like scared mice from a cat.

Satan always works off fear and he does everything to exaggerate his own power while trying to make us doubt the power of God and the Holy angels and saints.

Our fear is really the only weapon that he has against us which is why Jesus wants us to trust in Him and to walk (and sleep) peacefully.

Yet our brokenness and areas of our souls that still haven’t been sanctified do fear and this is why we need the help of the angels to strengthen us and to reassure us.

With this type of attitude we can move from lonliness to aloneness and find peace and tranquillity at every moment because we are never really alone and have more friends in heaven helping us than on earth!

And so continue to call on the angels during this cold and dark January and let’s keep our spirits lifted and be spreaders of hope and joy no matter where we go!

May Our guardian angels help us and thanks to Brenda for reminding us.