Last night I was in the church praying in front of Jesus feeling somewhat tired from the ministry of prayer and evangelisation in a world that often just doesn’t seem to care and wants to be left alone.

Evangelisation can certainly feel at times like the world is upside down and that by talking about God that you are the bad guy!

Leave us alone with your guilt-tripping and talking about God, we don’t want your negatively, you’re just some gullible fool that grew up in religious Ireland and believe in all that hocus pocus!!

Make no mistake about it, today’s world is very hostile to the message of Jesus and especially to any mention of sin, conversion and the dreaded word ‘confession.

Very often Jesus is bundled into the basket of negative things together with any notion of right and wrong.

When you do challenge the system they take it personally and try to turn it into a battle of egos. You believe in God, I don’t, both our opinions are valid and now leave me alone!

If you say that you’re opinion is not just from speculation but from am experience with God, expect to be cut off and to be considered prideful and stubborn for holding your ground!

So if this is how I feel from my ministry of evangelisation, how does God feel and what must it be like for Him?

I’m glad you asked because last night he told me in one of my regular inner locutions which of course you are free to believe or not!


Imagine a man in a bright heated room working with a computer while writing a book that claims that there is no such thing as electricity!

Such is your world today with countless books and studies being written and presented which claim that I do not exist.

I, God, who hold you in existence without which you couldn’t even live or breathe am now being discarded by my own creature!

If man who claims that I do not exist was somehow able to destroy me, then man would destroy himself.

It would be the equivalent of a laptop computer being used to destroy the electricity plant that gives it power.

Yet in my infinite patience I do not destroy these men nor do I prevent them from writing false things about me because I have no need to prove my own existence to myself.

Each and every man or woman that denies my existence will die one day and come face to face with me.

Either they will plead forgiveness and accept mercy or they will choose hell,  either way there is no victory for them and there is not a single soul in heaven or in hell that denies my existence.

So you see my children that atheism is only a thing in your world and not a single atheist that dies will remain an atheist!

How foolish to use one’s God given intelligence to destroy one’s own soul and risk eternal damnation.

How foolish to deny the teachings of the church and the thousands upon thousands of saints and signs and to follow one’s own rules.

Blind leaders of the blind! 

One day everything you ever wrote and said will be presented before you in the presence of the living God. What will you say then and how will you account for your beliefs?

Repent my children of your hardened hearts and turn your lives to me in prayer. Use your lives to do good and to bring others to me and let your good works go before you so that on that final day of judgement they will be there before you as evidence of a life well lived.

Well as you can see, Jesus isn’t threatened or having an identity crisis because a few atheists claim that he doesn’t exist because he knows that every atheist will die one day and face him and then what will they have to say?

Yet Jesus is frustrated by these atheists because they block what he wants the most, Jesus wants to be known and loved by his people by this means believing in him, listening to him, listening to the wisdom of the church, taking the call to prayer and to loving a sacramental life seriously.

By denying God these people become enemies of the gospel and so Jesus pleads with them to wake up and smell the roses and to use the intelligence that God gave them for the good of the gospel and to make Jesus known rather than the opposite.

And so today may we pray for atheists and evangelists because the war is ugly and the stakes are high because every soul is extremely valuable to Jesus, even the soul of the hardest of atheists.

Pray for me!