This morning God the Father gave me a beautiful message about the spiritual world all around us and prayer.

I always find it fascinating when God speaks to me about what he sees and how he perceives things because after all he’s God, he sees everything!

“Heavenly father 

My children, while for many of you I seem so distant and absent, the reality is that I am closer to you than the air which you breathe.

Your earthly reality and perception are so far away from my heavenly reality and you must be careful not to base truth on what you can only see and feel with your human senses.

The spiritual world is all around you my children and it permeates your physical world just as the light of the sun gives you light.

All around you my children are spiritual realities, angels, demons, saints helping you not to mention the extraordinary spiritual activity that occurs in your churches and especially during the mass.

My children, heaven desires to communicate with you and hears every prayer and every pang of your hearts.

If you are attentive you will learn how to hear heaven talking back to you through signs and signals and what you may otherwise call coincidences and this will help you to trust.

For this my children you must take time to pray and to reflect on your lives and days and allow your hearts and lives to be guided by my fatherly hand.

In the Spiritual world my children you have many enemies determined to keep you away from me and away from prayer. This is ultimately to destroy you because any Spirit that keeps you from me does not want you to reach heaven and know my love.

Pray my children, learn about prayer, read about prayer, speak to your priests and people of prayer and learn from them 

In a way God is asking us to learn about prayer in the same way as we have learnt about technology.

Yesterday for example I had my very first meeting on zoom which will surprise some of you who have been using it for ages and just as I had to learn how to turn it on, how and when to talk and listen, so too do we need to do the same thing when it comes to prayer!

We need to learn how to pray, who to pray to, when to talk, when to listen, when to press ‘mute’, who to invite, who not to invite, where to find a suitable place…..

And like everything else, we get better with practice and over time and God on His side will pour down blessings and signs on us to help us on the way.

If you are in the London area and are free next Thursday, please come along to our Medjugorje LGBT prayer meeting where we will teach you how to pray from the heart and guide you through the common prayers of the church including the mass, the rosary and eucharistic adoration with lively praise and worship music, testimonies and fellowship!

All are welcome whether regular church goers or people that have never stepped inside a Catholic church in their lives.