Perhaps the greatest challenge of our christian faith and equally the most misunderstood is the concept of loving our enemies.

If my enemy for example is pro abortion, should I become pro abortion too out of love?

If my enemy is homophobic, should I stop reaching out to gay people out of love?

Or if my enemy is an atheist, out of love should I become an atheist too?

Well it’s obvious that the answers to all those questions is no but this leads to another question:

How can I love my enemy and still continue to do or believe in something that they hate?!

Our Lady speaks into this dilemma this morning:

My children, as you pray with your hearts I will give you love for those who do not know my son Jesus and this love will come from the love and mercy of Jesus who sees and understands all.

My children, you must not judge. Jesus was a friend of sinners and yet not of sin.

You are all sinners my children on a long and hard road to holiness.

You must not think that you are better than other people or somehow more deserving of God’s love and mercy than them and you must never judge those who do not believe in my son no matter how evil their actions.

Consider how Jesus often spoke very severely to his enemies as he denounced their behaviour and yet he did not judge them in his heart.

You must do similarly my children,pray for those who oppose you and yet hold your ground and your faith.

Loving your enemies does not mean agreeing with them and dropping your faith but it does mean forgiving them and praying for their conversion.

Worry not my children when you are not understood by others but let your only concern be keeping a good and pure conscience before God.

So we see that loving our enemies doesn’t mean dropping everything that we do that they don’t agree with but it does mean praying for them and saying to ourselves “if I had their life and they had mine, I might be behaving just like them and worse and yet I wouldn’t like anyone to judge me as a bad person”.

Séamus, Toni and I get ample opportunity to put this into practise as our ministry has many enemies.

Only yesterday did Toni receive a long handwritten letter denouncing the increased LGBT activity in our church while claiming that God will crush it!

He’s a funny God if after years of healing us and building us up that he’ll now crush us but no matter how much we explain to others what it is that we are doing, some of them just cannot and will not get it!

Despite our event being entirely centered around prayer and the sacraments, to some we may as well be handing out condemns with a guide to having gay sex!

And so Our Lady’s words are timely, to pray for the people who write these type of threatening and condemning letters and yet at the same time to keep on going.

So if on that note you are around next Thursday, please come along to our event. We need your support and prayers and so do all the hurting and rejected LGBT people in our catholic community.

Please keep us in your prayers and also feel free to send us a message or prayer intention at ‘‘.