You’ve heard of the American TV show “dancing with the stars”, well today Our Lady is calling us to dancing with the gays….metaphorically speaking at least!

Perhaps we look at people like we see on this photo with disgust or distain because they don’t look like they have just been praying the rosary but these are just as much loved children of God as me or you and Our Lady has one message….to love.

Love my children is like a dance between God and His creatures.

There is music, there is rhythm, there are rules and coordination and yet over time all becomes automatic and the dance of love begins. 

Like learning anything it takes time and every professional dancer and musician had to start with a simple step and gradually learn and assimilate more and more moves.

There is no replacement for practice and reflection and especially reviewing and learning from one’s errors.

Mistakes are inevitable, especially when learning a new routine and so too it is with holiness, mistakes are inevitable especially as you are being tested and are learning how to love new people and adapt to new and challenging situations.

You must resist the fear to avoid what is new and unfamiliar because this is where God is growing and stretching you

For many of you, the LGBTQ community are new and unfamiliar and you are afraid to get involved or afraid to love in case you make a mistake.

Do not be afraid, I will give extraordinary graces of love and protection to any of my children who reach out in love to my LGBTQ children.

Pray my children with your hearts and I will place the loving music of heaven in your hearts for my LGBT children.

This love will conquer all your fears and apprehensions and you will become fearless apostles of love and hope to all.

What a beautiful message of love and encouragement from Our Lady to us all to keep on learning to love and like a dancer who learns new routine, for us to learn a new routine of love, to love the LGBTQ community too!

Our Lady does warn us that it will be difficult and messy and unfamiliar and that we will make mistakes but she also promises her extraordinary graces of protection and blessings which I for one can testify to after almost 15 years on this road and only getting stronger.

So let’s not be afraid to get involved, come along to Our prayer evening next Thursday, tune on on the Internet if you can’t (we will live stream it) and pray for and love the LGBTQ people in your area or community without judging or condemning.

Have a gay day with Our Lady 😂😂