Hello from Westminster where I’m having my lunch after mass in the cathedral.

This morning’s reading was most relevant with Jesus himself being accused of following and working with demons, an all too familiar story for some of us involved in ministry.

Jesus replied very firmly to his adversaries explaining that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit would not be forgiven.

The priest went onto explain that it’s one thing to misunderstand the ways of God and quite another to close one’s mind entirely and refuse to see the obvious and then to both judge and condemn.

Along these lines Our Lady spoke to me:

My little children, the ways of God are not the ways of man and the ways of the Holy Spirit are not the ways of your human understanding.

This my children is why I am relentlessly calling you in Medjugorje to pray with the 5 stones so that you will be filled with the power and wisdom of heaven.

Conversion, conversion, conversion. Conversion of hearts and minds and ways.

Read my little ones the lives of the saints and keep your eyes on the things of heaven where eternal peace and love await you.”

As we end the week of Christian unity let’s pray that we can be united by the power of the Holy Spirit in hearts and minds and have the humility and docility to listen and to learn to what the Holy Spirit is doing in the world today and not be guilty like the pharisees of attributing the works of God to the devil!

All welcome, bring a friend or tell a friend, you never know the lives you may touch.