One thing that I like to do at night is to spend time with Jesus alone in the church. Sometimes he talks to me, other times he tells me to sit and rest on his love and at other times he asks me to pray for specific intentions.

Whatever the case, it’s never boring!

This morning Our Lady spoke to me very powerfully on this subject:

Our Lady 

My children, how much my son Jesus loves to be loved in the eucharist where he is truly present.

Every time you love him in the eucharist or bring others to love him in this way, the whole of heaven smiles on you.

He is really and truly there and despite what you may feel, He blesses you in extraordinary ways for your acts of love and faith.

Today’s world is in need of a doctor to heal it but the doctor is not a human doctor, the doctor is my son Jesus who acts so powerfully through his priests and faithful.

Teach people my children about the power and desire of Jesus to heal and restore lives through prayer and the sacraments and share from the rooftops what He has done for you and for others in your lives so that they will be converted and come to believe.

And that you see is why Medjugorje and our Medjugorje evening is centred around the eucharist and the sacraments with the celebration of mass, Eucharistic adoration and the opportunity for confession.

It’s also why we have testimonies and sharing from people who have experienced the transforming power of Jesus in their lives and who are now fully in love with Jesus and Mary and prayer.

Jesus simply thirsts to be known and loved and to reach people beyond the “normal” boundaries or demographics of the church.

If you know any LGBT people or even if you don’t, come along on Thursday evening and step into the gap for them. Pray for them, bring them with you in spirit if it’s too soon for them to come in person and be a part of the bridge of healing between heaven and earth.

And for anyone concerned about Thursday evening and our theology, Monsignor Keith Barltrop in who’s parish we have been staying for the last few years and who has also been appointed by the cardinal to work on this area wrote this wonderfully encouraging letter of endorsement.

So let’s all get together for Our Lady and whether we are gay or not, who cares, let’s bring souls to Jesus in the eucharist!

Have a eucharistic day!!