Good morning all and hope all is well!

Last night we checked out the new sound system and projector in the church for tonight’s prayer evening….looking good.

We also filled a couple of barrels of freezing water to through on the party poopers outside 😀 Just kidding, hopefully the gentle music of Medjugorje will draw them in and they will repent of judging us…..although I don’t actually expect that to happen. It’s good to have hope but life also teaches you to be realistic!

And speaking of being realistic what’s more realistic than this story of a young gay guy I met 2 years ago in Soho of only 19 who was very depressed and very angry whom I bumped into again on Tuesday and who had totally changed.

At only 19 and from a Muslim family this young guy was raped and subsequently found out that he was HIV+.

God writes the book of each life in funny ways and certainly allows terrible trials to fall on people.

Last time we spoke this young guy was into witchcraft and besides wanting to have sex with me wasn’t interested in much else.

While the sex didn’t happen, he did let me pray for him and I prayed quite a few deliverance prayers at the time as I felt the power of God surge through my hands and into him!

The demons felt it too because he suddenly got up and accused me of bible bashing him a stormed off very angrily.

So I prayed for him in my heart and never saw him again until this week that is.

“Have we met before?” He asked?

“I think so” I relied as if I didn’t remember too well.

“Are you kinda spiritual ?” he continued.

“Kinda” I thought, there’s no “Kinda” about it but “yes, yes I am” I smiled.

“Well you prayed with me”….

“Well if you’re not happy you can sue Jesus and Mary and not me” I thought

“You said that things will get better “

“Did I?”I thought, I didn’t remember a thing that I said but sure…

“Well they did and I’m now a totally different person and want to thank you”

“Wow” I thought, I wasn’t expecting that! Thank you Jesus.

And you see stories and testimonies like this are the essence of our Medjugorje LGBT ministry and apostolate of love.

It’s about going out and sharing the love and healing power of Jesus and then coming back inside and bringing these people bit by bit to know him better.

And you see that’s why we don’t need people standing outside the church like garden gnomes or scarecrows frightening people away but we need people with the loving and welcoming embrace of Jesus inviting people inside.

So come on! Let’s not be afraid of the unknown but let’s put our full trust in the power of Jesus and Mary and bring healing and hope to as many LGBT souls as possible all over the world.

Come along tonight at 5.30 and help our apostolate to grow for the glory of God and the conversion of the world!