Good morning!

Yesterday I took a day off from writing etc to pray, reflect and thank God for all the wonderful things that he is doing.

On Thursday night we had our second Medjugorje themed LGBT evening and while the first one went off without much commotion, this second one attracted a lot of attention!

So much so that our beloved Fr. Keith had to write a letter explaining what it is that we are doing.

This letter explains our mission perfectly; reaching out with love to the LGBT community through the messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje.

You may know the phrase “you catch more flies with a spoonful of honey than a jar of vinegar” and I think that this applies to the evangelisation ministry to the LGBT community where people need to be loved and accepted and then gently taught and instructed on the ways of God and how they apply to them.

This was the theme of our evening and so we started with the rosary with the gentle music from Medjugorje playing in the background after which we had a wonderful 20 minutes of praise and worship led by Séamus on our new sound system which was good and loud.

I gave a little introduction and with the help of the projector I showed the people some images from Medjugorje as I explained where it was and what it was all about.

We were delighted that we got a real mix of people with half being our friends who are not gay but love Medjugorje and the mission of evangelisation and then the other half who were LGBT.

Perhaps for me the highlight of the evening was at the end when in the hall we all shared cheese and wine and broke out in dance! It was truly wonderful to see everybody mixing and taking and sharing together whether gay or not and this is the whole aim of our ministry, to break down walls and fears and to create love and friendships grounded in prayer.

Anyway going back to the main event we then had a beautiful mass with the opportunity during the offertory to write a personal prayer intending and place it in a basket which Fr. Keith then took and placed on the altar bedside the bread that would be later transformed into the living body of Jesus.

Séamus excelled in the music ministry as he went from praise and worship mode to accompanying the mass with beautiful profound and meaningful songs for each moment.

After the mass we moved into another period of sharing and teaching, this time with Eddie sharing his testimony of conversion with us and how the message of Medjugorje changed his life.

After this deep and heartfelt story Eddie knelt before the Blessed Sacrament and read slowly and prayerfully some of the messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje down through the years.

All were messages of love with the call to the conversion of hearts and lives and so while this was going on there was the opportunity to go to confession and to bring Jesus the hurts and wounds of life through the priest in confession just like in Medjugorje.

Outside we had a few people with candles protesting against our evening but fortunately most people took no notice and note than me actually thought that these protesters were actually a part of our group and they were like a welcoming team!!!!

You might wonder why anybody would be protesting but remember that when Medjugorje began to happen in the 80’s the evil spirit went mad to attach it and it’s only now after 40 years that it’s more or less accepted.

So you see, attacks like this are a good sign that we’re on the right track and Satan nearly always uses good but misinformed people to do his bidding.

Just like Jesus rebuked St. Peter and said “go behind me Satan” when Peter didn’t want Jesus to go to Jerusalem and get killed, Jesus may have similar thoughts about these protesters trying to keep the LGBT community out of the church.

Yet Peter would later become the first Pope and I guess that this rebuke from Jesus was part of his learning curve.

And so it’s with this same attitude that we must pray and trust in Jesus for the good and well-intentioned people that are afraid and so are opposing us and hopefully one day they’ll be inside praying the rosary and participating in the mass and prayers with us.

In the meantime we must keep on going just like they did in Medjugorje and trust that the fruits will come over time.

And so a sincere thanks to everyone that came, to Monsignor Keith for celebrating the mass and sacraments and his good humour in the hall afterwards and praying that this ministry will go from strength to strength for the glory of God and the conversion of hearts and lives.

Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for us and lead us all to the love of Jesus.