Good Monday morning to you all!

This morning Our Lady gave me a lovely message on unity and on the challenges thereof in today’s world.

“Our Lady 

Write my child

My little children, how I desire you all to be united like one big family, accepting and complimenting one another in your uniqueness.

Only in heaven my children will you all get along perfectly! While on earth there will always be misunderstandings and hurts.

Look even to the live of Jesus, Joseph and I. Joseph was going to divorce me when he found out that I was carrying a child and when Jesus was lost both Joseph and I were confused, angry and worried.

So you see my children that misunderstandings and hurts can happen even in the most Holy and prayerful of families through the permissive will of God.

And so too my children with you all. God will often allow trials and misunderstandings that will hurt you and cause you deep pain and confusion.

Why does a family member get sick? Why do your children not turn out how you expected? Why do your parents not understand you?

The list is endless and yet you must never judge but pray for wisdom, understanding and always be ready to forgive and change just as St. Joseph changed his coarse of action when the angel appeared to him and explained the origins of the child I was carrying.

Pray my children for unity and always be ready to listen without judging and trust in the providence of God who brings all things together in time.

I’m not sure about you but this message resonated with me deeply on so many levels especially after our Medjugorje prayer evening the other day for LGBT people where hurts and misunderstandings are everywhere .

Yet it’s not just there! How many of us were converted and our families and friends didn’t understand or have suffered great loss and cried out to God “why?”.

And even though we’d like magical quick fix to all our divisions, God doesn’t offer this either!

St. Joseph must have been going up the wall about Mary when he saw her pregnant and the angel took his time intervening. The child Jesus was lost for a full three days leaving Our Lady in terror….we could easily ask why God didn’t sort these situations out immediately or why he allowed them at all…

Similarly with my ministry. Parents ask “Why is my child gay?” And “What can I do or what should I do or can they be healed” while the gay children ask “Why doesn’t mum or dad accept me how I am” and “Why are they ashamed of me?”.

It can take years and years of healing and understanding on both sides (parent and child) to bring unity and understanding into these situations and yet nobody is to blame because God allows it for His higher purposes and to teach us that no matter how much any other human being loves or understands us, He loves and understands us more and better!

So with that in mind let us keep praying and persevering and working towards unity even if at times it feels slow and hopeless and impossible because God knows in his perfect wisdom what he is doing and how to bring all misunderstandings to an end in his timing.

Jesus, Mary & St. Joseph, Pray for us for a spirit of unity, understanding and forgiveness.