Happy St. Brigid’s day to all! If I was in Ireland I’d make one of the crosses with rushes but hey!

My grandmother was called Brigid and today was her birthday and while I didn’t know her that well while she was alive, since my conversion I’ve felt her around me so much at times and I know she’s helping me from the other side.

And of course I couldn’t let today go by without wishing our own Brigid or Brenda a day full of heavenly blessings.

Anyway, Brigid aside because now Our Lady has something to say through a message that u got last night:

“Our Lady 


My children, the love of God is for everybody without one single exception and even the souls that seem the furthest from this love are not excluded.

When souls are not filled with God’s love, it is not because God does not love them but because the love of God is blocked from passing through then.

Consider the sun. It shines on the entire world giving it light and yet if one were to choose they could block off this light by pulling across the curtains or hiding away in a dark room.

And so you see my children, it is possible to refuse the love of God either knowingly or unknowingly.

The eyes my children are the window to the soul and this is why Satan is so very busy blocking the light of God from your eyes by occupying you with endless material on the media where there is no mention of God.

The endless hours many spend watching television and videos and very often pornography form a thick curtain of sin around your souls blocking afterwards the light of God.

The endless hours spent reading and pondering over what may only be called nonsense forms a type of shutter over the windows of your souls and blocks afterwards your intelligence from understanding and believing the ways of God.

My children, it is not enough that God loves you all. You must open yourselves to his love by opening wide the windows of your souls to what carries his light.

Prayer my children is the secret and spiritual reading and especially reading about the lives of the saints who have gone before you.

There is nothing wrong with entertainment and indeed it is good and necessary but choose material that does not offend God and that builds up your spiritual souls.

Tear down the curtains and shutters of sin my children. Rid your lives of pornography and secular minded reading and entertainment and choose what builds up and gives light.

The battle is real and the time on earth short. Act now my children and teach others to act too by your example.

What a wonderful message from Out Lady, so motherly, so real and yet so loving.

Let us do everything we can today and every day to live in the light and to be carriers of the light in today’s world of obscurity and confusion through the intercession of Our heavenly mother Mary who is always there for us calling us on the road home where one day we will meet all our loved ones that chose God again.

Blessed St. Brigid’s day to all and a special prayer and hugs for Marie who is 21 (again) today!😂😂