After our wonderful Medjugorje prayer evening which by the way can be viewed online on this link:

…our next initiative is going to be to take to the streets of London with Our Lady’s messages of love for the LGBTQ community and all!

So we’re going to need a portable speaker with a microphone 🎤, a large poster image of Our Lady of Medjugorje, a LGBTQ flag or something and then lots of little things like rosaries and holy medals and images to distribute.

Séamus can sing, Rayne can play the guitar and also sing and Toni and I and whoever else cares to join us can meet the people, explain what we are doing, offer a healing prayer, give out some holy medals etc.

It will be an excellent way of reaching out more and as street entertainment is totally legal in England there are no limits as to where we can go and what areas we can try.

Of course the objective is to bring people to the heart of Jesus and so to invite the people to Our Medjugorje LGBTQ evenings also so that they can learn about Jesus and the miracle of Medjugorje and hopefully experience the love of God in their lives.

Obviously for this ministry to succeed we need your prayers and if anyone feels inspired to give us a few ££ towards the equipment that would be greatly appreciated. It’s always the small amounts that add up and make these things possible and also keep us humble in the knowledge that without the help of others we couldn’t do it!

Of course over the years I’ve seen a lot of street preaching and to be honest I’ve never liked it which is why our initiative is going to be different! It’s not about threatening hell but about offering love!

Séamus has a very wide range of songs from Christian to secular to everything in between and while I may not be a singer, it’s seldom that I find myself short for words and some have even accused me of talking too much 😀 😄 🙂 😊

Of course we are open to suggestions too and maybe you’d like to come along and join us and share your love and talents with others too for the glory of God…

Anyway, whatever the case it all guarantees to be fun and challenging with a fair mix of adventure rolled into the mix so please keep us in your prayers and as I mentioned, if you’d like to help to fund the equipment (probably talking about £120 in total) please do get in touch!

Blessings to all on the streets of London today!