Evangelisation is simply sharing the love of God with others so we could well call “love-ilisation”.

God thirsts to share his love with everybody and to use us as his instruments of loving

Now of course God loves everybody that goes to church regularly and prays but his love goes beyond these people, his love stretches onto the streets and onto the most broken and most lost and most sinful in society and this is the ministry of evangelisation…

“Our Lady

My dear children, each and every one of you are called by God to grow into His beautiful children and by your lives giving witness to him in the world.

It is not an easy journey and it requires daily conversion and prayer.

This is why my children I have come to you through Medjugorje, to draw you together from all over the world and to give you the tools of conversion.

Conversion of heart my little ones is what Jesus desires the most, that your hearts be full of the love and mercy of God and that through this love that you reach out to others.

God’s love is not just a gift for the individual, it is a gift for others too to share.

Evangelisation is the sharing of this love and how Jesus thirsts to share his love with people who have never met him.

Jesus is drawn to the desperate cases, to the worse of sinners, to those black with sin and if you open your hearts he will draw you too love these people and to tell them about him.

Be not afraid my apostles of love! Love crosses all boundaries and in the middle of all problems and disputes I will be there to protect and defend you.”

And so I guess that it’s no surprise that Our Lady continues to send us out onto the streets and into Soho to witness the love of God to the LGBT community where one discovers immense hurt and brokenness and sin!

The risk at times as Christians is that we don’t want to go out and meet these people and we don’t want to invite them to our churches. The risk is to become comfortable and not allow God to stretch us.

It is far easier to write books about the poor than to help the poor and it’s far easier too to write books about the gays than to actually getting out there among them and loving them!

So let’s be obedient to Our Lady’s call to conversion of heart so that our hearts may be open to going out there and loving everybody, especially those that appear to be steeped in the darkest of sin!

Have a super day!