Good morning from a very rainy London.

A few days ago I wrote about getting a portable speaker and providence provided it almost immediately thanks to the kindness of one individual.

So yesterday like children at Christmas both Rayne and I began to play with the new toy and what better way to give glory to God and thanks to Jesus than through some eucharistic adoration last night with the music from Medjugorje playing in the church!

That’s the thing about Jesus, he likes to be included and thanked because he’s the one behind every gift and talent and blessing in or lives.

Now the plan is to do some evangelisation on the streets and parks of London which might be a little more tricky than I had thought as we may need permits.

Tricky but not insurmountable so let’s see what happens. If anyone knows more about this please get in touch!

All that aside today is Friday and we’re having our monthly divine mercy apostolate at the church from 11am to 3pm which of course is directly related to the ministry of evangelisation to the LGBT community and Our Lady’s call to conversion at Medjugorje.

With Jesus we need prayers and actions and some people are called to a lot of prayer and intercession while others are called to getting out there among the needy while others like me are called to a mix of both.

Whatever the case we are all working for the same Jesus and as St. Paul describes it, there is one body with many different functions all working together.

And this is why unity and understanding is so important because the evil spirit likes to divide and when one organ is sick the whole body is affected.

So on that note, let today be a day of reconciliation, forgiveness and mutual understanding so that we may all work together for the glory of God and stamp out all divisions and misunderstandings that only weaken us and the body of Christ on earth.

Our Lady Queen of peace,

Pray for us!