Often we hear of the ‘power of prayer’ but today Our mother wants to remind us of the power from prayer!

“Our Lady 

Continue to write my child 

Grace my children is the food for your souls. Just as when you have not eaten you lack the strength to work, when you lack prayer you will lack the strength to love.

It is easy to love those who love you just as it’s easy to do a piece of light work like washing the dishes but it is quite another thing to love your enemies. 

Loving your enemies is like carrying large bricks on a building site on a hot summers day.

It is exhausting and the temptation to drop everything and leave is real.

Prayer my children is where you will find the spiritual strength to love.

You will find the strength to be quiet when you feel like reacting, you will find the strength to smile when you feel like crying, you will find the strength to forgive when you feel like lashing out!

My children, many of you do not pray enough and Satan your enemy works tirelessly to busy you with other things.

Nobody else can pray for you just like nobody else can eat for you.

Each one of you must learn to pray yourselves and to take care of your spiritual souls..

You will have to make sacrifices because prayer takes time and your time is limited.

Pray my children for the grace to love prayer and this sacrifice will become light.”

A beautiful message from Our Lady to recentre our busy lives and to put prayer in it’s place of importance because without it we have no hope of living in the world and resisting all the temptations that are so often thrown our way.

And this is why in Medjugorje Our Lady is constantly calling us to prayer from the heart and also offering us the 5 stones to help us to become big and strong in soul.

So let’s respond to Our Lady’s call by setting aside the time we need for prayer and if we find it hard to pray let’s ask for the grace to pray and the grace to love prayer.