Good Monday morning and I hope that you are having a good one and that it will be a great week!

Today Our Lady challenges us to reach out with God’s love and mercy and not to judge others or fall into idle gossip.

“Our Lady 


My children, there is so much fighting among you and for what? Has God been unfair to any of you? Do you resent God’s goodness to your neighbour?

My little ones, you must not put conditions on God’s love or grace which reaches beyond boundaries to touch those who you may not know or like.

You must not think that you are more deserving than others of God’s love and grace because when you do this you judge.

The more you can reach out with love to every type of person, the more you are true disciples of Jesus.

Guard your hearts and tongues from gossip and every morning from your hearts pray “here I am Lord, I’ve come to do your will”.”

Beautiful and yet challenging because it’s a step into the unknown, the unfamiliar and the uncomfortable and yet this is the gospel and the message of Jesus Christ who stretches us beyond our limits and comfort zones as he places his love and strength in our hearts!

Personally I still find it challenging when Jesus sends me to gay venues like bars and saunas and shows…..Questions like ‘will they like me?’ or ‘what will I say?’ and ‘what if I do something that I’ll later regret in a moment of weakness?” flood my mind and yet each time I hear Jesus whispering firmly “trust”.

And trust I do and I’ve met the most amazing people and have had the most amazing conversations about God and prayer in the most unusual places!

Sadly though I’ve often been judged severely because of it and so will you be if you let Our Lady guide you and make you a friend of sinners. At the end of the day we are all sinners and those of us that have received the grace of conversion need to be extra humble and remind ourselves that we received that grace out of 100% mercy from Jesus and not because we were any better than somebody who hasn’t yet received that grace.

So let us once again put our hands and hearts on the hands of Jesus and Mary, let us resist all gossip and let us say on this Monday morning ‘here I am Lord, I’ve come to do your will”.

Have a great day!