Yesterday Our Lady gave us a wonderful message on reaching out in love to others and putting and end to gossiping and fighting.

While the theory sounds good, one man in out parish is certainly not readings my blog or Our Lady’s messages and has been going out of his way to stop our Medjugorje LGBT ministry!

Last week he wrote to the cardinal about us and yesterday I discovered that when not satisfied with the cardinal’s response, he wrote to all the bishops and local parish priests!

Honestly the whole lot of it is like a scene from Father Ted.

John Cassidy is a gay man who was converted some years ago after many years on the gay scene. He wrote a book about his life story and God’s love for all people.

Yet ironically it is poor John that is on a crusade against us and is doing everything that he can to stop our ministry.

In many ways it’s sad but I’ve experienced this type of thing before in Australia so it doesn’t really surprise me.

You see there are 2 types of converted gays and generally speaking they don’t get on and need my own life journey has brought me from type 1 to type 2 so I’m better placed than most to understand!

Types 1: Gay and converted the individual meets the love of God and gives up a lifestyle of sec, drugs etc to devote to prayer.

After reading the catechism they learn that they are intrinsically disordered and ‘should be’ straight in the ideal world.

Thus any form of further same sex relationships are out of the question and they devote their lives to being single or maybe getting married.

Type 2: A lot of us in type 2 passed through type 1 until we realised that being gay wasn’t intrinsically disordered and that that’s in fact the way God made us and that he wasn’t asking to deprive ourselves of love and relationships but rather asking us to love without lust.

So now you see how different these two approaches are and thus the fighting that follows.

Poor John is still very much in the first category and is very opposed to same sex relationships of any sort and so he probably sees me as the devil trying to destroy the church and infiltrate it with gays!

A few days ago he wrote me a letter to this effect as he describes me as a LGBT activist but gives me some hope at the end when he tells me that I have the ‘power to change’.

At this stage I can laugh about these things because I’ve been through so much change n my life now at this stage that I know who I am.

If there is anyone that needs change it’s poor John and I ask all of you to pray for him that he finds peace and happiness and acceptance of who he really is.

Yet every cloud has a silver lining and so I took this opportunity to write to the cardinal and bishops and priests myself to introduce myself and tell them about the wonderful ministry that God has given me. I even sent them a flyer!

So let’s hope that they take an interest and that the ministry grows across the diocese while we pray for poor John who is so troubled and is in desperate need of more healing and peace.

Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of peace, pray for us, bless our ministry and bless John!

Thanks for reading.