Yesterday we had a meeting about our next Medjugorje LGBT evening and how to proceed in light of the intimidation and threats to stop by our famous Mr. Cassidy!

John wants us to stop completely and take down all our posters and notes in the newsletter in relation to LGBT.

He has written to the cardinal who through the Vicar General has asked him to speak with Monsignor Keith which he has refused to do and has instead promised to continue hid protest.

Although a fervent devotee to Padre Pio, John’s current behaviour shows no resemblance to Padre Pio who always showed extraordinary obedience to the church authorities even when he was wronged.

John’s refusal to talk and attemp to drum up support for his cause by misrepresenting the truth and disrespecting our LGBT ministry is nothing short of petty and is very sad as it’s a stark reminded and even trigger to some LGBT people of the wounds and rejection of the past and the perceived rejection of God and the church.

It is a very selfish thing to try to block others from receiving the mercy of Jesus and to refuse to sit down and talk and listen.

Fortunately so many of the parishioners have rallied around us and now we’re busy organising the next evening which will be in 2 weeks time, Wednesday February 23rd.

The theme of the next evening will be the 5 stones of Medjugorje and Toni will be sharing his testimony of meeting Jesus and going to Medjugorje. When we lived in Split we used to all go there together for Marjana’s apparition on the second of each month with Toni and when we left Split we spent 3 months in Medjugorje with Toni, so his testimony is very Medjugorje centred!

This time we are hoping to get more people to come as the evening is for everybody and it’s an excellent way for ordinary Catholics who might not know much about LGBT to listen and to learn in an atmosphere of love and prayer under the mantle of Our Lady of Medjugorje.

And so it’s full steam ahead and while we are hoping that John will calm down and actually come into the church where Our Lady of Medjugorje is waiting for him with love, we are also prepared for the opposite and while we do hope that we will not have to get the police involved, it is comforting to know that LGBT hate crime is illegal and that John is asking on a very fine line.

So please spread the word, everyone is welcome whether gay or straight or just curious to learn more about the whole area!

Blessings to you all and please pray for us that we may bring as many souls to Jesus as possible and bring healing and reconciliation to the many families broken because of these issues.

Our Lady of Medjugorje,

Pray for us!