Happy feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes and May she touch each one of our hearts today and bring us more healing and more love for Jesus and others.

Tomorrow at Saint Mary of the Angels in Notting Hill from 12 to 3 there will be a special day of healing with the intercession of Our Lady, this time Our Lady of Medjugorje, and in less than two weeks we will have our next Medjugorje LGBT evening.

With such amazing ministries and things happening in our parish it’s not surprising that poor old Satan is having a panic attack and a personal crisis!!

Satan hates prayer and Medjugorje and this recent attack on our parish through John is simply his way of huffing and puffing because from his perspective ‘St. Mary of the Angels is the crisis of the Church’.

He’d like us all to stop all the apostolates and ministries that go on in our parish from the divine mercy evenings to the Saint Joseph evenings to the Medjugorje healing masses and of course the Medjugorje LGBT ministry.

Satan is shouting ‘hands off the Holy Mass’….while secretly deceiving people and saying ‘let them go to mass without understanding it, don’t teach them about healing and how to participate properly in the mass, don’t teach them about deliverance and confession’.

Satan often masquerades himself behind false piety and religiosity but behind it all his plans are always evil.

And naturally this causes opposition but Our Lady has no fear of opposition and neither should we:

Our Lady 

Write my child!

My children, do not fear opposition in any way. From the beginning right up to the end the gospel was and always will be opposed.

Satan is strong but he is also rash as his anger and pride cause him to make many mistakes and even expose himself and ultimately his own downfall.

Do not be afraid my children of not being liked or of not being misunderstood, this is part and parcel of being an authentic follower of Jesus.

Jesus was disliked by very many and especially when he performed exorcisms as people tend to fear the spiritual realm like how some people fear blood.

And so it will be similar for you my children, some people will fear you because they are afraid and uncomfortable about talking about spiritual realities.

You must take no notice the same as a doctor or a surgeon must continue their jobs while doing their best to calm and relax their patients.

My children, the saints in heaven are all interceding for you and though you live in very hard times, you also live in privileged times and the times of the great battle between Satan and I your mother.

Continue my children to be of good cheer and stay very close to me in prayer.

And so you see that Saint Mary of the Angels is doing great and is a beacon of light and love to London and Fr. Keith enjoys the full trust and support of the Westminster diocese as all the letters and lies inspired by the devil have been rubbished and ignored!

So let’s keep on going with Jesus putting our hands firmly in Our Lady’s grip and we too will trample on snakes and rise above all opposition and lies as we spread the love of Jesus and the message of Medjugorje across the world.

Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Medjugorje,

Pray for us!